Saturday, 27 April 2013

Rain and Stuff

So I know it's not much but I thought I'd just do a quick update has I've got everything finally in with lightmaps and collisions so I feel like it's going well more than anything. So bits that I've tweaked since my last update; I've worked on the rain emitter a little more so that it has more directionality to it though it still needs more work as I keep going back and forth on the opacity, it's either too distracting or not noticeable enough.

Other stuff is that I've made the fog more dense so that it feels like there's more moisture in the air. Though looking at it now it feels too blue, I should maybe tone down the colour on it. And a very slight thing is that I changed the fabric signs to red as the blue was blending far too much with the sense. Too much blue everywhere. It's only a small thing but I feel it actually does quite a bit. 

So this weekend I'm going to try my hand at some procedural animation for the fabric signs and the lanterns so they blow a little in the wind, give it a more natural feel. That is unless I get distracted by working on fun fx.

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