Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Little Progress

So I've started working on the lighting a little bit to try and get it closer to what I had envisioned, it's obviously not there yet, not even close. But at least it's a step in the right direction. I've got the overall colour scheme better and I've put in lights to back up emissive light sources but now I feel that they're a little too bright and kind of wash out the scene so I'll have to go back and finesse them. 

I have also made a start on the rain shader. It's only really a base right now but it just helps me to know where I've got to take my scene. I've still got to generate a tiling flipbook normal for the ripples and once I've done that I can then work on the normals more as they seem a little intense. Once I've done all that I can then go and do the work with the up vector stuff so that the shader will show either ripples or running rain water depending on the direction of the normals.

So stuff that I've got to do still; I've still got some assets to place in scene like a lot of the pipe work. I also need to start on some of the FX like steam, I think that will bring in a lot more of the mood and the like. Plus it's fun.

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