Monday, 22 April 2013

Some Other Projects

So I've not updated this blog with other projects that I've been working on other than the environment. The idea of this is to have a gas station that gets by a RPG causing an explosion then burning for a bit before it triggers an even larger explosion.

I had to render the second video as the actual render from UDK didn't render out the ribbon data on the RPG so that's why I had to do a screen capture so that's why it's a little worse quality.

Initially I was having a lot of trouble understanding how the flame would expand and grow over time so I just whacked out a quick sketch just to clarify things for me so I'm not so stuck in my head with things.

But I've got some really great feedback about this and now I've got a better idea of what to work on and where to take it. So it's all good :)

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