Saturday, 20 April 2013

Brief Update

So just a brief little update of what I did yesterday. I've put in some rain but I think it's barely noticeable so I need to make it more visible and increase the quantity. I just think that it doesn't gel with the rain shader, the shader shows a much heavier rainfall than the particle emitter.

I also put in some fog to add some atmosphere into the level. I think it compliments the steam and the wet damp feeling well. But I think it might be a bit overpowering right now so I'll probably go in and tweak it. 

The next thing that I feel I need to address is the lighting and colour palette, it's just not popping right now. So I think that I'll take it into photoshop and play around with the contrast and hue/saturation and try and see where I want to take it.

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