Thursday, 4 April 2013

Some Little Bits

Just thought I'd shove up some little progress shots. So yesterday I just spent the day doing a few tweaks here and there. I created some new diffuses for the role up doors so that now it doesn't look like the same one repeated over and over. I also made some emissives instead of simplying using the diffuse again, what it was just to see roughly how they'd look. But at least now my bollards don't glow. And I also generated a cube map, I know it's a little early to be doing it but my rain shader looked awful with a sunny sky cube map I'd borrowed from UDK just to see if it was working. 

I also remembered that I'd not shown that I had put all the signs in my scene yet. It's only a sort of temporary placement as they're a little too statically placed. I'll probably move them around and the like today when I finally get round to putting all the pipes in level.

So that's my major task for today, to try and finally get some of the pipes in level. First assets to be finished last to go in. I also might get bored and tweak the steam as it's very WIP at the moment. And who knows, I might even get bored enough that I build the rain particle.

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