Friday, 3 May 2013

Updates and Paintovers

So not updated in a while so I thought I'd post up what I'm working on. Unfortunately there's not a massive change since the last post as it's mostly just tweaks at the moment. But I guess what I've been working on the most is just tweaking the amount of moisture and fog in the air. I also tweaked the steam vents finally.

I just did a quick paintover to of some more things that need to put in to just sell it a bit more. Basically just adding in some water cascading off of edges and make some grungey splashy decals for the walls and stuff. I also need to really get round to making some procedural animations for the hanging cloth and lanterns to make them look like they're blowing in the wind.

And now for something completely different. This is just a progress shot of how I'm getting on with my explosion stuff. The major things I need to fix is basically to make some more flipbooks, even if it's just like two then I can get a better sense of variety to make it look more natural. Other than that are the things that I need to add, like some large embers falling from the roof, and I'll make some glass shattering particle systems that follow the shockwave. And then I need to make the second explosion, which will be a lot of my focus at the moment.

So what's next? I need to get this explosion at least to a stage where all the elements are in so that I can ask for crit. Then I need to balance my time between the scene and other various fx to get the practice.

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