Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Final Render Ideas

So as promised, just took a quick look around my scene to see if I could find any interesting angles. Unfortunately, whilst a simple street scene is great for it's ease to produce it becomes very difficult to find interesting angles for renders. Below are just some of the angles I was looking at. But first, just to show the difference between post processing and the use of colour look up tables. Such a useful feature.

The latter is with the colour look up table applied. I really tried to sap some of the blue out of the scene as I was gradually going more and more overboard with it to the point where it had completely washed the whole scene out. Below is a selection of angles I was looking at.

Some are obviously stronger than others. But as I've mentioned prior, being such a simple scene I'm almost restricted to simple single point perspective shots. I really like the portrait shot, but if I'm to commit to it I'll have to play around with the field of view angle and drastically reign in the bloom as it completely overpowers the whole shot. Other than that I really like the last one and the couple in the middle. Once I've decided on which I like most and which I think are strongest it'll then just be a case of finesseing it before taking my final renders.

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