Saturday, 23 February 2013

Full Steam Ahead....

I've finally all the building segments in place now. Yeah it's not finished yet and they'll bit a lot of finessing left to do to get the right blend of materials and making them look right together as well as just tweaking some of the buildings positions just in case there are some gaps. 

My next task is just to finish up on the last couple of tileables and then try and make the street look coherent. But I'm also started on the modular pipe bits and I'll get on some variety of roll up doors on the go. That should start to bring the level together a bit more. Plus I'm probably just whack out a place holder skydome just so I don't have to look at black emptiness.

So this is just some stuff I've been working on for the past like week or so. I've just been doing some initial tests for some steam effects for my level. I'm hoping to have a lot of quite standard effects in my level to demonstrate that I can do the basics well. It'll be a lot of rain and water and then plenty of steam and maybe some sparks and things like that.

I'm not particularly happy with this. It's supposed to be steam from like a burst pipe. I don't think the effect quite carries the same energy and silhouette as would be usually seen. I think the texture I used was too whispy and that I'll be better off using a fast panning texture and stretching it out to give that energy bursting out as well as keep a much tighter look.

Much happier with how this came out but I still think that the texture isn't quite there yet. For the level I'll definitely go back and completely redo these. I'll also play around with getting good renders for flipbooks. That's definitely an area that I need a lot of work with.

As you can see in these renders. These were done in FumeFX and it's something that I really struggle with. It was supposed to have the big billowing effect that you'd get from a pryoclastic cloud or with smoke from a fire but I just can't get it to react properly. I think it diffuses and dissipates too quickly. I don't know, it's definitely something I'll have to keep going with until I can get not only better textures but also good flipbook textures.  

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