Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tileable Fun Times....

So I should really get into the blogging a little more. But it's been a very slow week and I've kept distracting myself with other projects that are taking a lot of my time unfortunately. But that's all stuff to do with smoke research and all that jazz so it's not like it's wasting my time, just eating a lot of it :/ 

So this week I've been getting on with the actual production side of things. Starting with all the wonderful tasks of making tileable textures and repeatable assets. It's boring and tedious I know, but once I've got it done my level should come together fairly quickly. 

And here's some of the tileables. I've still got a fair few to make and these ones still have errors that need tweaking like just some tweaking of values in the speculars and toning down some of the normals.

And here's how they'll all look, hopefully a lot, a lot, better once I've made all the materials in UDK and sorted the tiling offsets. These are actually all the buildings that'll make up my alleyway. I've tried to add a fair bit of variation to make it feel unique but ultimately I'm trying to get across the best idea in the shortest time. I can just use these to repeat them along the alleyway switching out the materials to make them feel different. And of course they'll all have different shop fronts and the like on them as well as hopefully it'll all come together nicely.

One area I am concerned with is the harsh lines between materials. I'm hoping that once I've plastered the scene with assets like piping, wires, vents etc. it won't be so noticeable. It only worries me because where with previous projects I'd just slap decals or using vertex painting to add a lot of variety and blend the transition areas better; I'm reluctant to do with this project. I'm not sure how decals would look when the rain shader is applied to the materials underneath, I imagine that they'll really stand out. And I know that the shader will be fairly expensive anyway without adding vertex shading in. I suppose that's something to think about when the time comes though.

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