Friday, 8 March 2013

Progress... Kinda

So yeah, I've not updated this blog in a while it would seem :/ But I thought it's probably time that I did show just what I've been up to recently. Now I warn you this won't be a fantastically interesting post as I've been mostly modelling and texturing assets the past couple of weeks.

But anyway, here's how my levels looking at the moment; bland and lifeless. But this is only a temporary state. I've put all the building parts in the level in quite a hash job manner. None of them are particularly well lined up and a lot of the textures will require moving around as I just shoved in any old one for the time being. Most importantly is the sheer lack of population, however this doesn't bother me as currently I'm purely working on assets and all of them are repeatable so once I've finished I can just take some time purely for set dressing and it'll suddenly bloom into life. So don't worry at the moment.

And here's just some of the assets that I've been working on. Admittedly it's not nearly enough nor as many as I wanted and that's my fault. I had quite an unproductive week and found it hard to focus on work. So in addition to these finished assets I've got about 7 or 8 texture sheets that I've started but not finished so once I get those actually finished there will be a big boom in my assets.

So like I said, I'm just basically getting on with asset production at the minute and I should be finished with it in a week or so and then after that I'll be populating my level so there should be a significant change in a few weeks :)

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