Thursday, 8 November 2012

Some Artistic Ref

So this post is mainly about the more artistic ref that I've been looking at to sort of gauge colour and lighting. Most of the lighting and atmosphere I have taken from the images on my previous post as I believe them to be truly astounding in themselves. But these are mainly images that I like based on composition and colour. There are obviously a tonne more but they'll probably come up in later posts.

Although this piece is not really the style of environment that I'm looking for. I do like the rain and atmosphere to it. This sort of atmosphere, except the fire, is something that I would be trying to replicate for my fmp. 

I absolutely love this image. Obviously it's not the scene that I'll be aiming for. But I really lovely the colour in this. I will definitely be aiming to replicate this sort of colour scheme and vibrancy through my concepting and planning stages to see if it's at all applicable to my final scene. Plus, the fireworks are so pretty.

I really love the colour and composition to this piece. It is certainly one of the more inspirational pieces for me. I particularly like the colour scheme to this and it's certainly the type of colour scheme I'll ultimately end up with. I also like the composition in the way that draws the eye down the street to a larger structure at the end.

This shares a very similar composition to the previous piece but with an almost opposite type of colour scheme. This scene is far closer to what I'm aiming for, perhaps not as futuristic and more traditional.

Below are some of the original sketches for the film Tekkonkinkreet. I really love the concepts for this film but also the style and locale. The pencil sketches are from the art book that I'm hoping that I'll be able to get if it's not too expensive. But I will probably end up heavily referencing these, especially the last image. It is almost exactly what I had envisioned, though perhaps maybe a little more grimy.

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